Age and Enlightenment?

Laptop computer on table with lamp at home
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So much for enlightenment! We bought Mum a Windows Vista laptop for her 70th.  She was polite enough to thank us profusely, but underneath was clearly overwhelmed at the thought of having to learn how to use something she really had no need of.

Twelve years later she asked for a replacement Chromebook for her birthday because her current one had gone to the great technological graveyard in the sky, and she couldn’t Google anything, couldn’t see the We Love Our Village facebook page to ‘find out what was going on locally’ (a euphemism for stalking her neighbours and a liberal dose of voyeurism), couldn’t request doctors appointments or repeat prescriptions and – horror of horrors – couldn’t do her online shopping or look up Dave’s solutions to the Telegraph crossword.

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Are you the family go-to for all things online?

Young woman with laptop and coffee in her kitchen
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Our family is mainly ancient.  We have no young children or teenagers to ask for help. Most of us struggle with the TV remote control so how are we expected to use all the technology available to us?

A satellite Amazon warehouse

While I spend a lot of time doing online shopping and research, probably less than half that time is for me. My kitchen often looks like an Amazon warehouse.  Parcels full of hearing aids and velcro shoes piling up, waiting to go to their forever homes. Heaven forbid they could be delivered direct to the rellies who don’t open the door to strangers in case it’s a scam to get into their home and rob them.  But at least they bribe me with tea and cake (or, if I’m lucky, food and wine) when I get there, and it’s always lovely to see them.

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