What we can help you with

Things we can help you with so you can do more
Work smarter, not harder – let us show you some time-saving tweaks and hacks

Some of the things we can help you with

Basics for Absolute Novices:

  • What can your computer, tablet or Chromebook do?
  • Personalising your computer, tablet or Chromebook
  • How to use the keyboard & mouse or virtual keyboard
  • Navigating your Start screen
  • Launching apps and programs
  • Getting online, searching and bookmarking
  • Basic editing, formatting and saving
  • Passwords and password managers
  • How to use your printer & scanner
  • Calendar, contacts
  • Security – firewall, antivirus, trusted apps & sites
  • How to get and use Help
  • Learn the jargon

Programs & Apps

  • What apps or programs for what task?
  • MS -Edge / Google Chrome
  • MS Windows, MS Office
  • MS-Word / Google Docs
  • MS Excel / Google Sheets
  • MS-Powerpoint / Google Slides
  • MS Access
  • Skype
  • Facebook & Messenger
  • Audacity
  • Gimp
  • Most pre-installed apps

Introduction to:

  • Maps, directions, travel
  • Mp3 – music libraries, playlists
  • Photos – enhancing, adding text, making albums & slideshows
  • Set up and use online banking
  • Set-up and use online doctors appointments, repeat prescriptions etc
  • Set up and use facebook etc
  • Downloading and installing programs and apps
  • Back up & Restore
  • Buying online, selling online
  • Digital assistants & voice commands
  • Saving files in different formats eg pdf
  • Cloud computing
  • Open source alternatives to the big and expensive apps & programs

Project Examples

  • Plan and book a holiday independently
  • Print labels for your Christmas cards
  • Do the minutes for your local club, distribute them and set dates for next meeting
  • Declutter and sell or freecycle online
  • Plan a party or wedding
  • Set-up a fundraising page
  • Start a petition
  • Register as an organ donor
  • Keep up to date with local planning applications
  • Organise your music or photo collections
  • Research your family history

Tweaking, fine-tuning & working smarter

Show us how you work now and we can add some time-saving hacks for you

And so much more … limited only by your imagination

Let us know what projects you’d like to do and we’ll help you get them up and running

Set-up & Installation

Complete service available from unpacking the box

  • Update system, programs & drivers
  • Remove unwanted programs & apps
  • Set-up user accounts & profiles
  • Set up internet connection
  • Set-up email accounts
  • Set up home network & printer
  • Set-up default apps, programs & browsers
  • Firewall & antivirus
  • Install & register additional customer-supplied software
  • For replacement devices – data transfer from your old device

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