Using a credit card on a website that doesn’t take them

Credit cards in wallet
Image by pixabay

So you want to use your credit card and the website doesn’t take them?

You’ve been searching high and low and just found exactly what you wanted on the internet. The last one in stock has been snatched and put into your shopping cart with a huge sigh of relief.  Off you go to Checkout.  Then you’ve filled in your name, address, email and countless other details and just as you’re reaching for your wallet, you see they don’t take credit cards – and you desperately want to use your credit card.

Some smaller websites will take debit cards, but not credit cards. Others will accept selected credit cards, but not American Express. Some will only take PayPal, and you don’t have – and don’t want – a PayPal account. So how can you use your credit card?

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